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Le 9 juin 2015 sur l’Ile de la Réunion, Nathan Paulin de la team a traversé une highline de 403 mètres au deuxième essai. Dans le cadre d’une expédition Sangle Dessus-Dessous filmée par Les Six Patates. »

Les limites de notre sport ne cessent d’être dépassées… c’est beau.

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Nouveau record du monde pour

150616 725m moonwalk 2

L’équipe de a passé un weekend assez intense apparemment ! Un record du monde, 426 mètres de polyester en longline, battu par 3 personnes : Théo Sanson, Antony Newton et Nathan Paulin. Impressionnant !
Le record en dynéma sera pour une prochaine fois puisque la sangle a casser, oups !
Pas de record pour les filles mais elles se sont bien battues, ça sera pour la prochaine fois on en doute pas !
Article détaillé à lire par là :

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winter festislack 2015

Quelques images du Winter festislack avec de belles perf et un nouveau record de France pour Nathan Paulin 243m de highline. On vous en dira plus bientôt car Pablo et Lets étaient sur place.

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The Nathan Paulin interview

Nathan Paulin is a hell of a nice guy and one of the top pro slackliner in the game ! His performance are unreal : 170m exposed highline and 600+m longline. Yes he is a slack mutant ! You can follow his performance on his website :

If you meet him, go talk to him since he is a really cool person. What’s next for Nathan ? Well, it depends how many meters of webbing he will get from his sponsor since his limits are not his own human abilities but the length of the webbing he gets to slack.


Tell us who you are ?

Nathan Paulin, 21 years old, 1.97 meters, in relationship, slackliner

Where are you from and where do you live now ?

I’m from and I live in le Reposoir a small mountain village in Haute Savoie, France.

What do you love most about your hometown ?

I love the landscape. I need to leave in the mountains.

How do you enjoy slacklife ?

I enjoy slacklife by traveling and meeting people around the slackline.


Since how long do you slack and how did you discovered slackline ?

I slack since 3 years and a half. I discovered it with a friend and I quickly became addicted.

How did you enter into ?

When they created the Slack Team they asked me to be part of it. I know the crew since the beginning of my slacklife with the slack tour in 2011. Now we are good friends.

The longest line you ever walked: highline and longline ?

170 meters highline, I hope more soon!
601 meters longline, the current world record.

What did you do last sunday ?

Chilling after a wedding party… But this Sunday I will play on a biiiig highline !

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be ?

My addiction to the mayonnaise.

A phrase you say often is :

What do we eat?

A common misconception about yourself is :

I’m not born on a slackline.

Your biggest fear is :

Be bored.

Your biggest worry is :

Begin to walk a line and perceive that I have not tied the leash .


Your biggest weakness is :

My addiction to slackline.

A guilty pleasure of yours is :

Eating nutella with a spoon.

An excuse you use often is :

It’s too sunny to not go slacklining.

Something you could use more of in life is :

The English language.

Something in your refrigerator ?


What country would you most like to visit ?

I have no preference, I like to discover.

What webbing do you usually use ?

Maverick from


Your favorite possession is :

My van and soon the new webbing with rounded edges !

What passion did you have before slacklining ?

The trail running.

The song you usually listen when you slack ?

On my first fight for new personal best highline : Sail from Awolnation

The last meal you ate was :

Bred with Nutella…

The last text message you sent was :

I love you

The best advice you’ve ever received was :

Do what you love to do.

The best word to describe your life is ?


What quality do you admire most in other people ?



One mistake you’ve done rigging a line ?

Forget to close a quick link…

Highline should be completely free or there should be rules ?

Intelligently free.

You think free solo is :

Not for me.

Where did you travel during 2014 and what are your best slackline memories ?

2014 was a good travel year for me, the best. I visited Czech Republic, Poland, Iran and Turkey. My best slackline memories where the highline battle in Lublin, Poland and the full exposure on a 100 m line in Iran (photo), Awesome….

What goals would you like to achieve this year ?

Continue to have fun and why not beat other records 😉

Last word :

Long life to the sag!

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