Jediah Doohan, Choco exclusive interview


The UK slack scene is not the most popular in Europe. However, you’ve got there a slack ripper called Jediah Doohan who is trying to push the limits of the slackline. No wonder why Jediah just entered the Balance Community pro team. We managed to ask him a few questions to know his personality a little better.

Where are you from ?

New Milton, Hampshire , UK

What do you love most about your hometown ?

I love that it is so close to the forest

Since how long do you slack ?

Since summer 2011

How did you enter into Balance Community ?

I realised that the direction I wanted to go with my slacklining ran largely parallel with Balance Community’s

The longest line you ever walked: highline and slack ?

longline – 237m

highline – 103.4m

What did you do last Sunday ?

I went rodeolining in the forest

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be ?

I’d become more appreciative of how lucky I am to be alive

A phrase you say often is :


A common misconception about yourself is :

That I only practice longline and highline, I love all types of slacklining, it’s all just so much fun!

Your biggest fear is :

Not getting the absolute most out of my life

Your biggest worry is :

That I won’t fulfil my full potential as a human being capable of spreading love and happiness

Your biggest weakness is :

Lack of moderation

A Guilty pleasure of yours is :

Smoking cigarettes

An excuse you use often is :

I’d rather be slacklining

Something you could use more of in life is :

More sun

Something in your refrigerator ?

I am mostly living in my van – I don’t own a fridge :)

What country would you most like to visit ?

Chile, Patagonia

What webbing do you usually use ?

Type 18

Your favourite possession is :

Right now I particularly love my ProSeries swivel from CMC

Your first thoughts upon waking up are ?

Let’s go slacklining

What passion did you have before slacklining ?

Hedonism and playing bass guitar in bands

The last line you walked was :

My friend’s indoor rodeoline

The song you usually listen when you slack ?

Anything by Proverb.

The last meal you ate was :

Mexican Chilli beans and rice

The last text message you sent was :

“Cool, Life is great. What r u up to in your life at the moment?”

The best advice you’ve ever received was :

Do what it is in life that you love/ inspires you

The best word to describe your life is ?


What quality do you admire most in other people ?

The ability to make the mundane into the amazing and the exiting

One mistake you’ve done rigging a line ?

I was using soft-release to de-tension a very tight 100m Nylon line at the “safety meeting” festival. I fed it through till it looked like it was almost totally loose and then let it go. The entire thing made a sound like a gun-shot and rocketed away from the anchor. Lesson learned.

Highline should be completely free or there should be rules ?

There are obviously basic principles which make sense to adhere to like don’t start in the “no fall zone” and rules would mean standardisation which means competition which means getting more money into highlining etc. However I don’t do highlining to compete with others, I do it to compete with myself and because the feeling of being on a highline is my favourite feeling in the world

You think solo is :

I now don’t free solo. I think that the wrong reasons to do it are if you are caring about what other people are thinking about you, or if you are taking pictures of it.

What goals would you like to achieve this year ?

My aim this year is to continue hanging out with awesome, stoked highliners and work on sending a 200m+ nylon highline

Thanks Jediah !
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