The Helmut Netwerker interview

Helmut Netwerker est l’un des maitres de la longline ! Comme vous pouvez le voir dans la rubrique  » record « , c’est Yuri Rhodenborgh qui détient le record de la plus long slackline traversée au sol en polyester, et sachez que ce jour là il n’était pas le seul à battre un record du monde : Helmut l’a traversée aussi ! Il n’en est pas resté là d’ailleurs puisque dans la même journée il a aussi battu le record du monde sur sangle en nylon !! 405 m sur la polyester et 283m sur la nylon.

Nous avons donc essayé d’en savoir plus sur Helmut pour répondre à la question vitale que tout le monde se pose, « Est ce qu’il aime le chocolat ? » :


Where are you from ?

Vienna, Austria

Since how long do you slack ?

5 years

When did you send your two world records ?

On 24.10.2014

We know that Yuri crossed the 405m too, and we can read his traning story, what about yours ?

Philipp Gesing invited me to his event and I just wanted to know how bouncing a 400m line feels.

I didn’t train especially for this line. If I go slacklining, I always train or try to push my limits.

After rigging both lines, Yuri was the first who started on the 405m (skillshot) and as nobody else wanted to, I went to the 283m (Type-18). We walked it both.
Couple of minutes later I tried the 400. I wasn’t confident with this line in first place so I needed several tries to walk the first 100m. After playing in the middle I gave the last part a try. As I managed to walk the last part without any struggles, I was self-confident enough to sent the line,  so I did it.

What the longest highline you walk ?



Do you have any sponsor ?


As you can actualy see, in France there is a debate about the possible slackline federation, what about federation in your country and are you involved ?

In 2011, the three biggest slackline associations from Austria (, teambalance, vienna-slackliners)  found the austrian slackline federation.
At the moment I am president of the federation.

Highline should be completly free or should be rules ?

To avoid accidents with flying objects (helicopters, planes, paragliders…) we have a « highline declaration formular » at our website. If you rig a highline in Austria (or at the borders close to), please fill in the form :

What was the last line you walk ?

60m sonic at the park

Something in you refrigerator ?

pumpkin seed oil

What did you do last sunday ?

went highlining

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be ?

not always being too late


A phrase you say often:


Your biggest fear is :

to stop playing like a little child

Your biggest worry is :

don´t worry be happy

Your biggest weakness is ?

interested in too many things

A guilty pleasure of yours is :

slackline :)

Something you could use more of in life is :

spending time with my family

What webbing you usually use ?

it depends on whether I want to play with or I just want to walk

Do you listen music by slacklining, and what ?

I always listen to music while I slackline, it helps me to stay in « the zone ». I like different styles of music: hiphop, metal, electronic, atmosphere, … but my all time favourite is « Bobby McFerrin – don´t worry be happy »

The last message you sent ?

Sorry, I can´t manage to come to the ISPO

The best advice you’ve Ever received is :

to breath out through the nose

What quality do you admire most in other people ?


Where did you travel in 2014 ?

Turkey, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Italy

Where will you go in 2015 ?

Turkey, France, … ?

What goals would you like to achieve this year ?

stay motivated, be more confident on the highline

What does it feel to walk 405m and during a looooooong time ?

it feels like: wow just 3 winddampers left … no wait ,  they are 5, … thinking about the distance between the dampers (nearly 50m), calculating, … shit …  not even the middle

Last word :


By the way, do you like chocolate ?

For sure ! That reminds me i wanted to buy some !


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