The Samuel Volery interview

Samuel truly loves slackline. I have never seen anyone more devoted to that sport ! He does everything : tricks, longline, rodeoline, highline, waterline, tight rope… no matter what is the season. Have you seen anyone doing waterline in a freezing cold winter ? He also do videos, how to, test products, give pro tips and he even started his own slackline company Slacktivity ! Who would have thought that a Swiss guy could have so much energy ? It seems that Ueli Steck in not the only power machine in the swiss game ! We managed to ask Samuel some questions and here is what we’ve got :

Where are you from ?

Uster, Switzerland


What do you love most about your hometown ?

The lake – specially in the summer

Since how long do you slack ?

8 years

How did you enter into Slacktivity?

I’m one of the two founders of Slacktivity.

The longest line you ever walked ?

210m longline,

101m highline


What did you do last sunday ?

Longline on a super heavy line (210m long; 178g/m)

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be ?

I’m happy how things are… Nothing to change.

A phrase you say often is :

Oh, come on, don’t be a pussy!


A common misconception about yourself is :

That I’m talented in slacklining… I just try and train to reach what I want to reach. It is not talent – it is patience and not giving up after falling.

Your biggest weakness is :

If many cool things take place, I can’t decide which one to join

A Guilty pleasure of yours is :

Drinking a lot of coffee

An excuse you use often is :

Sorry, no time for that – I have to go higlining.


Something you could use more of in life is :

Time to make rad things

Something in your refrigerator ?


What country would you most like to visit ?

South American Countries

What webbing do you usually use ?

I try to switch often to get used to different dynamics. Mostly redTube or Black/White of Slacktivity


Your favorite possession is :

My little camper bus

Your first thoughts upon waking up are ?

Oh Fuck, Stupid Alarm Clock! The bed is so cuddly, I don’t wanna get up…

What passion did you have before slacklining ?

Climbing and FreeSkiing

The last line you walked was :

211m double Black/White (178g/m) – but far away from sending it

The song you usually listen when you slack ?

Klischee – Tin Tin


The last meal you ate was :

Pasta Pesto

The best advice you’ve ever received was :

Get out of your comfort zone.

The best word to describe your life is ?


What quality do you admire most in other people ?

Straightforwardness and honesty

One mistake you’ve done rigging a line ?



Highline should be completely free or there should be rules ?

It should be free of rules what to do on a highline. But environmental rules should be respected.

You think solo is :

Totally unnecessary danger. Specially with environment dangers lurking. Like wind, getting dirt in your eyes, somebody shouting unexpectedly, etc. Definitely nothing to promote!

What goals would you like to achieve this year ?

I do have some really nice and rather big highlines in mind… The goal is not to send them but to play hard on those lines

Thanks !


Samuel in the Nokia ad in case you missed it

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