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Highline-Extrême !






Last week-end we were in Switzerland at The Highline Extrême on the summit of the Moleson to eat some good cheese and crush long highlines ! 6 highlines were rigged from 45 to 477m, low-tech as well. In this wonderful landscape, we saw Nathan Paulin, Friedi Khune and Alexander Schulz broke first the world record sending the 300m, and then Samuel Volery sending the 477m showed who’s the boss !! Sarah Rixam also killed it by sending the 120m and reach the female world record !

Big up to the organization which made it possible ! http://www.une-bonne-idee.ch/fr

Few pics to see how crazy was it :

nat cab pic by Pierre Chauffour https://www.facebook.com/chauffourpierreproductions?fref=ts

biiiiig pic by Thomas Buckingham

300 pic by Pierre Chauffour https://www.facebook.com/chauffourpierreproductions?fref=ts

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Crazy records !

Few days ago Samuel Volery and Pablo Signoret still had the polyester highline world record with 170m. But the English killer Jediah Doohan and the swiss gentleman Raphael Bacot sent 209 and 205m !!

2 years ago the 200m barriere was already done… but this time they did it low tech !

raphlfou Raphael cruising the 205m, quite exposed !!

A little memory of the Jerry’s record on his 214m years ago !

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