Hangover 2

hangover-s hangover2-0

The Hangover 2 by Slacktivity is out.

We were expecting new features, but there is not real change. The Hangover 2 is like the 1. The efficency is slightly better but it’s hard to feel any difference unless you use line like Kill Bill or Diablo.  It’s a little expensiver than the first version because it has an official label. This doesn’t do anything for the users. Getting a label costs a little more, so this is the reason why it’s more expensive. We do not recommend to buy a new Hangover 2 if you already own the first.

However the version 2 can comes with a screw. This is an extra safety for those who are worried about safety. But it’s not only that. Here is what Samuel had to say :

“Hooking into the line while falling happens from time to time when you have the hangover clipped in to the front. Happened to me 2 or 3 times already. In future when using at shows, then I will take a screw-version. Clipping into the line is potentially dangerous when you have the hangover clipped to the side of the harness as shock-load can occur on your body. This was the main reason for us to produce a screw-version.

Screw-version does not fit through a linegrip. That is one of the reasons why we developed the soft-rigging-plate.http://www.slacktivity.ch/slackline-shop/zubehoer/riggingplate so you can connect 2 hangovers with the linegrip without having the size problem”

The price is outrageous : 49,95€ for a carabiner !

Nevertheless it’s the best webbing pulley in the market so far : easy to clip, easy to use on the tyrolien, easy to use when you work on the tension… So if you don’t have any, you should get one.

It’s here : http://www.slacktivity.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=hangover

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New EQB Prolock

eqb product

EQB decided to reinvent his gears. The new Prolock is a true marvel. It’s futuristic with a unique design in own piece of alu entirely machined in every angle. What a change !

120 grammes with 12 kN strength is more than correct. It also hollows soft shackle. What else Mister Clooney ?

Coming soon on www.eqb.cz !


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New Soft rig plate Slacktivity

The latest Slacktivity product is out : the Soft Rig Plate.

soft rig plate


it’s a soft rigging plate. It’s a new concept since it was only in metal before.

The best part : it’s light -> 42 grammes . It also fits easily in any bag. If you like light product, this one is for you. To get an idea, the closest product in the market is the Petzl PAW S which weight  55 grammes. There isn’t a big gap between them, but when you save weight on each of your belongings that you carry, then it can make a 1kg different. It’s worth it when you carry you pack in the mountain or in the plane.

It’s also really cheap compared to an alu plate : only 14,95 € . The PAW petzl costs 20€. This means it’s only 0,35 cents per gramme : soft or alu are worth the same.

The weakness is the strentgth : only 6Kn WLL. Usuallyalu plate between 36Kn and 45 KN WLL. It’s a big gap. The other question is how long this product can be used. Since it’s soft you will damage it faster than a metal connector. In the other hand if you drop it on a rock, it won’t be broken such as an alu connector.

This Soft rig plate from Slackivity is awesome for those who like light product and not too much tension. An excellent idea from the R&D Slacktivity team !

Available here  :



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Tuto Elephant slackline for their longline system

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New linegrip alu

Here it is ! Eventually, slack.fr sell their own line-grip ! Moreover, it’s in aluminium, so very light. This tool, if you don’t know it yet, is used in order to remove the tensioning system of the line, by « holding » it. Like a prussik would do on a rope, but keeping the webbing flat so that it does not get damaged. Also useful in highlining, helps you to stay light, going with only this tool and a highslide to tension. Nice colors ! On the website page you can find a video that explains how to use it
And, moreover, slacktivity produce now the same available in Switzerland and soon worldwide :
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Balance Community Primitive Pro Kit

Jerry shows the new Primitive Pro Kit from Balance Community. Super light with super good gear and webbing. Perfect to bring on road trips !

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new Ropelock Landcruising

Landcruising has a full R&D department to push inovation. Their last inovation is a ropelock that copies the weblock system. It’s for rope. The system is an auto lock like the reverso.

The ropelock doesn’t seem more compact or lighter than a grigri. However the breaking strength is certainly higher. The worst enemy for a rope is rubbing: rubbing melt down the rope. This is hard to tell now if the ropelock avoid that particular issue.

The design is really nice. Landcruising signature style: tunning.

Let’s test it.


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Combo Landcruising

It’s official, the new weblock Landcruising will be out in june : Lynx 4.

Look at the picture, it’s well designed, tuned as you like !


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Equilibrium innovation

It’s new product season. Equilibrium published a photo of his jumpline weblock prototype… Out in May 2015


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Zerge outdoor, indiego project

Zerge outdoor is offering its new products at a really good price.

Smooth and simple style, very strong, far from landcruising tuning !

To see the offers, it’s here :




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