New Soft rig plate Slacktivity

The latest Slacktivity product is out : the Soft Rig Plate.

soft rig plate


it’s a soft rigging plate. It’s a new concept since it was only in metal before.

The best part : it’s light -> 42 grammes . It also fits easily in any bag. If you like light product, this one is for you. To get an idea, the closest product in the market is the Petzl PAW S which weight  55 grammes. There isn’t a big gap between them, but when you save weight on each of your belongings that you carry, then it can make a 1kg different. It’s worth it when you carry you pack in the mountain or in the plane.

It’s also really cheap compared to an alu plate : only 14,95 € . The PAW petzl costs 20€. This means it’s only 0,35 cents per gramme : soft or alu are worth the same.

The weakness is the strentgth : only 6Kn WLL. Usuallyalu plate between 36Kn and 45 KN WLL. It’s a big gap. The other question is how long this product can be used. Since it’s soft you will damage it faster than a metal connector. In the other hand if you drop it on a rock, it won’t be broken such as an alu connector.

This Soft rig plate from Slackivity is awesome for those who like light product and not too much tension. An excellent idea from the R&D Slacktivity team !

Available here  :


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