Video Urban highline festival 2015

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Marmotte Highline Project

The MHP, a festival with around 20 highlines from 14 to 300m, many of world’s best highliners, 300m high spot, an awesome view, a breathe taking sea of coulds, and most of all an atmosphere wich definitely represent the slackline community !

From the 2nd to the 5th of july, and Chocoslack will be there!


Lucas Laporte, one of the organizer tells us more about it :


“Le Mhp c’est le plus grand évènement de highline de france, pas moins de 18 lignes cette année, un contest internationnal de jump-highline et une démonstration inédite d’un back up fall. Accrochez vos ceintures et apprêtez vous à un évènement riche en animation, en bière, en vide et sans oublier le cadre somptueux de la commune de lans en vercors ! allez venez !”

What else…

nuages by Pierre Chauffour

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Mountain games 2015

Slackline Industries is taking part of the 2015 Moutain games this week end. Many pro jumpers will be there.

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Outdoor Mix Festival 2015 report

The Outdoor Mix Festival is a huge event in the South of France, amultisport ! Chocoslack was there!
The Longline & Waterline part took place during the 4 days in Embrun in the Hautes Alpes. Lines 25m to 90m + a huge Spaceline three strands that dominated the space !!

Highline were on 3 different spots that were distributed in the surrounding mountains. Here too there was something for everyone: whfor initiation : beautiful spot in Réotier with lines 15 to 25m overhanging the valley, Dormillouse at the impressive waterfall Chinchin,and in Embrun with a 50m midline above the rapids or in Guillestre majoring 115m !!

Jumpline featuring pro jumpers like the Estonian Jaan Roose. The festival hosted this year the Rock the Line tour!

2015 was great, so we expect you for the 2016 edition !! Bigup forthe Organization for the work done!
Here are some pictures and a video. The official website of the festival:

Copyright @Chauffour Pierre ProductionsPhoto Pierre Chauffour


Copyright @Richard Bord PhotographyPhoto Richard Bord

Copyright Benjamin BackerPhoto Benjamin Backer


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Off Sport Festival

A short teaser for the Off Sport Festival in Krakov in Polon, mai 24th and 25th  2015

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Monte Piana

Don’t you know about the highline festival in Monte Piana? You should, because it is “the place to be”, here’s the trailer:

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Winter Festislack 2015

A short video from the Winter festislack with a new french record for Nathan Paulin 243m  highline. More soon

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Highline gravatation festival

The festival took place in Florianapolis, and was called Gravitation because on the way to the line we passed by a plant called Gravata, a green plant which is itching and scratchy if you get caught in it, however it is the symbol of this natur in Florianapolis. The Highline Gravatation Festival main aim was to be the first highline (only) festival in Bresil, being international at the same time. The intense interaction between the slackline community and the natur was a success !

The first edition was in Florianopolis on a beach called Lagoinha do Leste. This place is very well preserved, included in a tropical climat which is perfect for slackliners.

With this festival, they wanted to promote highline and sport in general, as well as the social relationship between sport people, the city, and the natural environment. They also wanted to help the slackliners to get more technic and practice.

To me, this was a real success. The communion between nature and sport was perfect, with a big respect to mother nature and an endless mutual help between slackliners whatever the spoken language was. There are 2 main sectors : one with 2 beginners lines (28 and 35m long) with a nice open view on the ocean, and another with 4-5 lines (20 to 70m long) very exposed to wind and ocean too.

There was a perfect harmony between slackliners, as well at „home“ (in the camping for participants and non participants) as well as when balancig on the lines, in harmony with nature and humanity… What else ?

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Turkish Highline Slackline Carnival Geyikbayiri 2015

The festival in Turkey was a real success this year and many pros wen to the event with new prototypes from their sponsor ! That’s an excellent reason to go there next year !

A video of tis year 2005


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Work in Progress

We are currently working on the translation on every posts so that you may enjoy Chocoslack in English. Stay tuned!

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