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700ft, 200m highline !

Ryan Robinson just entered the 200m (700ft) highline club. He repeated the previous highline from Jerry Miszewski !! Here is the story :



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Balance Community Primitive Pro Kit

Jerry shows the new Primitive Pro Kit from Balance Community. Super light with super good gear and webbing. Perfect to bring on road trips !

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Dialética do Equilíbrio

A long video with beautiful shots featuring pros highliners like Jerry Miszewski, Scott Balcom,Grant Thompson and Rafael Bridi. Have a good time watching it !


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Primitive Tensioning Strap by Jerry

We all know the problems generated when you tension your primitive slackline : you loose length and damage your webbing. Our friend Jerry have found a  great way to tension your primitive slackline while keeping the line you walk on separate from the tensioning system. Never worry about damaging your slackline webbing or having to build a primitive system right in the middle of a long webbing. Get your own on balancecommunity.com
Jerry shows how the system work :

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Optimize your time: pack your slack equipment

Breden Gebhart gives us a simple and efficient way to pack your bag with your slack equipment to optimize your time !

Here is the Jerry Miszewski version. A little older but very efficient !

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Pulley for dummies

Let’s focus on pulleys which are fundamental to rig a longline. We’ll start with the basics : how pulleys work ?

In a near future we’ll compare all pulleys available on the market and then get expert tips from an engineer on pulleys performance

So here is pulleys for dummies and a bonus: how to reeve your pulley system with Jerry Miszewski


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