Highline-Extrême !






Last week-end we were in Switzerland at The Highline Extrême on the summit of the Moleson to eat some good cheese and crush long highlines ! 6 highlines were rigged from 45 to 477m, low-tech as well. In this wonderful landscape, we saw Nathan Paulin, Friedi Khune and Alexander Schulz broke first the world record sending the 300m, and then Samuel Volery sending the 477m showed who’s the boss !! Sarah Rixam also killed it by sending the 120m and reach the female world record !

Big up to the organization which made it possible ! http://www.une-bonne-idee.ch/fr

Few pics to see how crazy was it :

nat cab pic by Pierre Chauffour https://www.facebook.com/chauffourpierreproductions?fref=ts

biiiiig pic by Thomas Buckingham

300 pic by Pierre Chauffour https://www.facebook.com/chauffourpierreproductions?fref=ts

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Alexander Shultz and the 610m longline record

We posted photos, but here comes the video ! A true mission was necessary to etablish this record. It’s not a problem of distance anymore, it’s more logistic that can block a record. You need the webbing and the spot. Digging your own spot for a record…. what would be the next record ?

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New free solo highline record by Spencer Seabrooke 64m

No anyone can do a free solo especially when it’s 64m on a true highline. Spencer Seabrooke is one of those human being that like to break the limit and he did manage to walk a 64M highline with no leash in Squamish this summer !

Love it or hate it : it’s scary to watch for sure.

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recor natah

“NEW HIGHLINE WORLD RECORD 403 M ! (1322 feets)
The 9th of june 2015 on the Reunion Island, Nathan Paulin powered by Slack.fr, sent a 403 m highline on the second try. This line was rigged during an expedition supported by Sangle Dessus-Dessous and filmed by Les Six Patates .

Always pushing the limits, and it’s beautful.

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Slackline World Record by Samuel Volery – 440m Longline on Polyester

Samuel did 14m more than the previous record! Congrat and well done.

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Humanline world record AGAIN

A new record that required many friends ! Dutch team did 10m longer than the previous record owned by the swiss. what a team sport !


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New world record for Slack.fr

150616 725m moonwalk 2

The team from Slack.fr had a deep weekend apparently ! A new world record, 426 polyester longline, broken by 3 slackliners : Théo Sanson, Antony Newton and Nathan Paulin. Impressive !
The dyneema record will be for next time, as the webbing broke, oops !
No record for the girls but they fight hard, it will be next time for sure !
More info there (english at the end) :

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Alexander Schultz longline record update

News about the new longline record ! DailyMail tells us the story of one inch dreams with some cool pics :


alex 2

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New longline record by Alexander Schultz 610m

Alexander Schultz is the new owner of the longline record 610m. Watch at 14:59min




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Back in 2007

What about a jump in the past ? At a time where the only lockers available were linelocks and line grips were machard !

The longline world record in 2007 was 123m !! 123m “only ? “.  Well done to the team and the effort. It was hard to get this record done at that time since the equipment was not the most adapted for such effort .

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