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Alexander Shultz and the 610m longline record

We posted photos, but here comes the video ! A true mission was necessary to etablish this record. It’s not a problem of distance anymore, it’s more logistic that can block a record. You need the webbing and the spot. Digging your own spot for a record…. what would be the next record ?

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Tuto Elephant slackline for their longline system

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Alexander Schultz longline record update

News about the new longline record ! DailyMail tells us the story of one inch dreams with some cool pics :


alex 2

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New longline record by Alexander Schultz 610m

Alexander Schultz is the new owner of the longline record 610m. Watch at 14:59min




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100m by 4

100m quadruple webbing ! Thanks to Slack mountain for the showtime

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Back in 2007

What about a jump in the past ? At a time where the only lockers available were linelocks and line grips were machard !

The longline world record in 2007 was 123m !! 123m “only ? “.  Well done to the team and the effort. It was hard to get this record done at that time since the equipment was not the most adapted for such effort .

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The beard, the longline and Théo

It’s just about Théo Sanson and his beard walking on a 300m longline !  Versailles  is well known for the Castle, the catapult and the longline spot of course. It’s entertaining, well filmed and we love Théo. Is wearing a bear the latest cool thing to C’est sympa, bien filmé et on adore Théo. So, does the beard matter ?

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Pulley for dummies

Let’s focus on pulleys which are fundamental to rig a longline. We’ll start with the basics : how pulleys work ?

In a near future we’ll compare all pulleys available on the market and then get expert tips from an engineer on pulleys performance

So here is pulleys for dummies and a bonus: how to reeve your pulley system with Jerry Miszewski


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