The Lukas Irmler interview

Should we really introduce Lukas Irmler ? He is one of the only pro slackliner on our planet. His job his slackline only ! Great attitude, 3 times longline world record owner, first to do the skywalker, highline altitude record, natural anchors… Lukas is the ultimate man. More sponsors than a soccer player, we have a lot to learn form him. He works hard to get the job done properly with style !


Tell us who are you ?

Lukas Irmler, pro slacker

Where are you from ?


What do you love most about your home town ?

The climbing gym 😀 The closeness to the airport, some pretty sweet training spots, the closeness to the Alps and of course some amazing people.

Since how long do you slack ?

Its over 8 years now. I started in 2006 and got addicted straight away!

How did you enter in Elephant slackline ?

I can remember when I first met Bernd. He was an amazing trickliner and a cool guy. When he started building up the Scene in Munich and also starting to work for Elephant I thought it was great work! It took some more years until we got reunited and now I am a happy Elephant.

 What are your others sponsorships ?

Over the years I have gathered some long lasting partnerships. With adidas Outdoor I found a really strong and commited sponsor to tackle big dreams like Victoria Falls Highline. I have a rather new sponsorship with Petzl and also have some smaller sponsors like Bosch, MyMuesli, Archimede Watches and a local partnership with the VITAGO, which is a innovative training facility. Red Bull I would not call a sponsor, but rather a strong partner to push the sport forward.


Do you manage to live ONLY by slacklining ?

Yes. Well its a bit more complicated than that, but in fact I am a professional Slackliner making a living off of it. Sponsors play a big role in it as well as shows, events and projects.

The longest lines you ever walked ?

In Longlining I am pretty active hunting records and could gather a few of them during 2010-‐2013 pushing the Limits to over 300m on polyester with my then to be world record of 310m. After that I also set a new european record with 425m on dyneema in 2012 which is still my longest Longline. In Highlining I was able to walk a few Lines above 100m and my longest with 115m. On Water I could set my personal record to over 130m on polyester last summer.

What did you do last Sunday ?

Slackline 😀 Well it was „just“ a Longline in the park. I am pretty addicted to bounce tricks these days. – so I love to set up a 60m double webbing and just bounce the s**** out of it surf it and just have fun playing around…

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be ?

Uff…would it too imprudent to say I am quite happy with myself .Well I would like to have some more skills in Slacklining so. Seeing so many young kids crushing makes you feel a bit old, haha.

 A common misconception about yourself is :

Well with all the great chances I got during the last years and with all my efforts to become a professional sports man many people think I am one. Well to be clear, I like to be thought of as a great Slackliner but I am not a „star“ in any means. I am just a Slackliner enjoying my sport and open to anybody who shares a passion


 Your biggest fear is :

Failing to become what I want to be. Falling short to m own expectations and not being able to reach out for my goals.

Your biggest weakness is:

I am indeed very impatient sometimes and just cannot stop trying something, even if I should. For example with the Luke Skywalker. I did some 60+ tries on one day, not landing it but completely wrecking myself –‐ but I was so close every time. I couldn’t stop. Well in the end it just took 5 days of recovering and 7 more tries the next time to land it easily… sometimes stepping back and waiting for the right moment is just so much more efficient.

A guilty pleasure of yours is :

Doing more sports than my body can take!


 An excuse you use often ?

I can’t! I need to go slackline 😀

Something you could use more of in life is :

Time. 24h a day is just not enough, if you wanna Slackline, study, climb, adventure and on top of it keep your girlfriend happy!

Something in your refrigerator ?

Orange juice.


Where did you travel in 2014 ?

Too many places to remember! Well not that much either, just about 12 countries or so, among them Brazil, Zimbabwe, Russia, France and China.

Where will you travel in 2015 ?

Hopefully to as many wonderful places as the last years!

What webbing do you usually use ?

Blue Wing or the brand new Passion from Elephant Slacklines.

Your favorite possession is:

My body

Your first thoughts upon waking up are :

Different every day…


What passions did you have before slacklining ?

A lots of different sports,.. Kung Fu, Athletics, Swimming and Parcour to name it as well as climbing but I still love to do that.

The last line you walked was :

My training longline close to my home.

Do you listen to music by slacklining ? and what’s your favorite song to?

I do! Most of the Nme it is pre<y lights. Favorite some would be „finally moving“

The last meal you ate was :

Muesli for breakfast for sure the best and thanks to MyMuesli always on stock.


The last text message you sent was:

To my girl –‐ I love you, have a nice sunday!

The best advice you’ve ever received was :

Relax! By Julian Mittermaier

The best world to describe your life is :



Slackline in one word is:


What quality do you admire most in other people ?


One mistake you’ve done rigging a line ?

Not closing the maillon! Was while rigging a mIdline with Alex Schultz and was one of the almost accidents. Just glad we noticed in time and had time enough to derail before it snapped.

Highlining should be completely free rules?

There have to be rules. Especially the more people do it. But I would rather call them ethics than rules. Besides the obvious safely „rules“ everyone should know and strictly follow.

You think solo is :

A way to walk the line –‐ thought it is not my way.


 What was your best slackline memorie during the last year ?

Crossing the Victoria Falls line in Zimbabwe –‐ a long awaited dream and a superb Line in really hard conditions.

What goals would you like to achieve this year ?

Walking the highest Highline above 6000m in altitude.

Do you like chocolate ?

Sure –‐ who doesn’t 😀

Last Word :

Keep it Slack!

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