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Urban Highline World Record attempt

Few days ago, Ryan Robinson from Balance Community PRO team tried to establish a new Urban Highline World record on a 306m line in Montreal’s old port ! While almost thousand of people were watching he managed to cross the line with only  6 catchs !! No sent but still a huge performance for such a show and only 1 try ! Congrats !

ryan For more infos and the video, click there :

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Highline-Extrême !






Last week-end we were in Switzerland at The Highline Extrême on the summit of the Moleson to eat some good cheese and crush long highlines ! 6 highlines were rigged from 45 to 477m, low-tech as well. In this wonderful landscape, we saw Nathan Paulin, Friedi Khune and Alexander Schulz broke first the world record sending the 300m, and then Samuel Volery sending the 477m showed who’s the boss !! Sarah Rixam also killed it by sending the 120m and reach the female world record !

Big up to the organization which made it possible !

Few pics to see how crazy was it :

nat cab pic by Pierre Chauffour

biiiiig pic by Thomas Buckingham

300 pic by Pierre Chauffour

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World Slackline Marsters !

Jumpline World Cup seen by the famous YouTube channel “Worldoftomorrow” !! SICK !

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Crazy records !

Few days ago Samuel Volery and Pablo Signoret still had the polyester highline world record with 170m. But the English killer Jediah Doohan and the swiss gentleman Raphael Bacot sent 209 and 205m !!

2 years ago the 200m barriere was already done… but this time they did it low tech !

raphlfou Raphael cruising the 205m, quite exposed !!

A little memory of the Jerry’s record on his 214m years ago !

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Natural Games…

Before a bigger recap, here is a little vid by Yohann Grignou :

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Montura Iceberg Challenge

Some Italians warriors just made the world first Iceberg highline in Groenland !

Extrem stuff… check it out for more informations :



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Again and angain…

Reunion island, few years ago, another spot, another line, but such a wondeful view again!

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Slackline fails !

Enjoy the fails !!

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Marmotte Highline Project

The MHP, a festival with around 20 highlines from 14 to 300m, many of world’s best highliners, 300m high spot, an awesome view, a breathe taking sea of coulds, and most of all an atmosphere wich definitely represent the slackline community !

From the 2nd to the 5th of july, and Chocoslack will be there!


Lucas Laporte, one of the organizer tells us more about it :


“Le Mhp c’est le plus grand évènement de highline de france, pas moins de 18 lignes cette année, un contest internationnal de jump-highline et une démonstration inédite d’un back up fall. Accrochez vos ceintures et apprêtez vous à un évènement riche en animation, en bière, en vide et sans oublier le cadre somptueux de la commune de lans en vercors ! allez venez !”

What else…

nuages by Pierre Chauffour

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Chongo-Mount !

Last Samuel’s tutorial ! Learn the most stable start with his tips : the Chongo-Mount .

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