Slack indoor is now offering metal pole for indoor gymnasium that fit into handball poles holes ! The system is solid since it works like expansion bolts. It’s perfect for slackline associations. It’s 200€ a piece.
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New generation schakle by Landcruising

Landcruising released some pics of their new generation schakle ! Wow : aluminium, lock pin, tunning style… Can’t wait to test them.
manille landcruising

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ZERG ring

Here is an original ring, very different from what we are used to see on our highlines. It doesn’t help to get rid of the main problem of highline rings : to forget to put it on before tensionning.

zergeHowever we love its advantages : its lightness, its stenght because the rope is holding (not the ring itself), and finaly the fact that it protects from abrasion. It’s different and we like this !!!

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The new locker by Balance Community

Jerry is well known for his genious ideas!
His latest baby is the Alpine Weblock 4.0, a top quality locker. This weblock is incredible and probably the only one in the market that can adapt to any connector. Can you believe that it does also allow spanset ! Watch this video for more details  :
This piece of metal is futuristic : every details are designed for slackline optimisation. The look is also awesome.
You need one for sure ! But it’s costly : 113 €
Here is what Jerry said :
“There is one feature that has always been the number one thing that I want to strive for in the design of the weblock: versatility. Throughout the various iterations of the AWL, we have been making the device more and more versatile. Now, with the 4.0, having the ability to anchor the device with an extremely wide variety of connectors and directly to spansets and static rope anchors, it’s more versatile than ever before.
On top of the extreme versatility of the device, it’s also fantastic for highline rigging. Having the ability to attach various backups to the anchor hole as well as stack 2 weblocks on top of each other for mainline / backup rigging makes your highline anchor so much cleaner and safer!
This design has been a massive undertaking for me with close to 40 iterations and countless hours of testing and concept development. Not to mention, the 6 years of development of the webbing anchor concept that went into the ground-work for this design. I’m very excited to share this design with the community. I believe it will make the anchoring and rigging process much more enjoyable as well as simplifying everything within your anchoring system, thus making it safer.”
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Landcruising new lynx

Landcruising published picture of their new lynx prototype …. sweet


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Slackibloc Jump


Slackmoutain are not any longer the only ones to design their own tumpline banana in France, Slackinov’ makes their own too !! And as the name suggests it, it’s an innovation ! Its double whole makes it possible to take away the pulleys and put instead a soft release, which makes a lot less connectors and so weak spot. It’s « reveal revolutionary » ! In addition, you can use them with 25mm webbing thanks to spacers ! It’s really innovating. However, not like his little brother, the pin can not be taken away without taking away the connector (schakle…) first… not always very handy. About strength, it’s 8T for the breaking strength, against 15T for Slackmoutain, but it’s justified : 580g which is quite light !! The color stays red, it’s the brand trademark. For the price it’s 55 euros which is quite hard to beat ! We asked Lucas Laport, Slackinov’ athlete, to give us a few words about this new multifunction jumpline banana : « First it’s pleasing to get a rather inexpensive banana and very massive like this one to jump. When you have it in your hand you understand that this thing is hard ! The double hole system is really amazing, it allows many things, like the possibility to back up properly your banana but also the possibility to get rid of the pulleys and to use a soft release instead without a line-grip (by the way for 5cm wide line the line grip is useless anyway). You can also have spacers if you want to use closer webbing, personally I use it with the rage line (3,2 cm) and it’s perfect. The finishing is perfect and the thing is rather good looking ! I recommend this banana 10000 times !”

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New shackle by Balance Community

Here is the new invention from Jerry : the new shackle by Balance Community.
It’s really thin. The idea is to be able to fit everywhere. It’s great to have a product made by slackliner for slackliner ! Good job Jerry !
To get it, it’s here :
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New jumpline webbing by : AntiPop

It was released just a few weeks ago and we did not had a chance to talk about it. The new polyester webbing for jumpline made by It’s 4cm wide and fatter than the previous Jumpproseries webbing. It’s more heavy and has more stretch : 8% at 10Kn. Breaking strength is 45Kn, so there is nothing to worry about, for jumpers who likes to get tension in the line to go high.
Florent Founau, the athlete said that it’s really soft and comfortable. The edges are not sharps and the design are sweet. It’s not easy to rig, to get the right pieces of gear : pulleys
It’s here :
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New webbing Line Spirit : Etna 2

Line-Spirit, a frenchy slackline company, developped a new interesting webbing, called : Etna 2. It’s the advanced version of Etna 1 but heavier and with rounded edge. The color also changed from pink/purple to white and black.

line spirit Etna 2

The specifications are the following :

  • Breaking strenght : 5T0
  • Working Load Limit : 1T5
  • Material : Polyester
  • Weight : 85g/m
  • Stretch : 2% under 1T
  • Width : 25mm

So this is not about a beginner line. We have here a rather (very) heavy line, probably one of the heaviest on sale  with 85g/m which is not insignificant. This webbing has a (very) low stretch as it is only 2% under 1t of tension. Thus, this webbing is very strong as the breaking strenght is 5 tons. Ist thick, 2,5mm,  shows ronded edge which means better feeling under your feet.

As you know, there is no perfect webbing, it only depends of what you are looking for. Here are the advantages and disadvantes of such a webbing :

–          As it is heavy and thick, the edge are ronded which is more comfy under your feet, less sharp. Less painful when you catch it !

–          As it is heavy, it is a good webbing for training. Indeed any lighter line will then seem very easy, as the heaver teaches you good technic to walk. Disadvantage : It is also heavier in the backpack… and it increases with the number of meters !

–          The white color is often appreciated because it’s neutral and „nice“. The black strips on each side helps to constrast over bright background (or over water for example).

–          Low stretch : which means it’s neither a line to jump, either to bounce, as it will not send you high. However, the advantage is that you don’t need a lot of rope in your pulleys system to tension it !

–          Preise : 1€48/m, which is more than reasonnable ! Webbing that are quite similar are usualy around 2€/m (like for example the MILF of or the Core of Landcruising).

So we recommand to you this webbing for intensive training in longline and even in highline if you like challenge. We would not recommand it for beginners, neither for jumpline, neither to break your personnal records.


to order it, it’s here :

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The MILF is out !

We talked about it and now it’s available on
Weight : 73gr/m
Stretch 7% for 10Kn
As Guillaume mentionned it’s similar to the Core from landcruising !
There is nothing else to say, so go get it !!
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