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The Hangover 2 by Slacktivity is out.

We were expecting new features, but there is not real change. The Hangover 2 is like the 1. The efficency is slightly better but it’s hard to feel any difference unless you use line like Kill Bill or Diablo.  It’s a little expensiver than the first version because it has an official label. This doesn’t do anything for the users. Getting a label costs a little more, so this is the reason why it’s more expensive. We do not recommend to buy a new Hangover 2 if you already own the first.

However the version 2 can comes with a screw. This is an extra safety for those who are worried about safety. But it’s not only that. Here is what Samuel had to say :

“Hooking into the line while falling happens from time to time when you have the hangover clipped in to the front. Happened to me 2 or 3 times already. In future when using at shows, then I will take a screw-version. Clipping into the line is potentially dangerous when you have the hangover clipped to the side of the harness as shock-load can occur on your body. This was the main reason for us to produce a screw-version.

Screw-version does not fit through a linegrip. That is one of the reasons why we developed the soft-rigging-plate.http://www.slacktivity.ch/slackline-shop/zubehoer/riggingplate so you can connect 2 hangovers with the linegrip without having the size problem”

The price is outrageous : 49,95€ for a carabiner !

Nevertheless it’s the best webbing pulley in the market so far : easy to clip, easy to use on the tyrolien, easy to use when you work on the tension… So if you don’t have any, you should get one.

It’s here : http://www.slacktivity.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=hangover

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One Response to Hangover 2

  1. Mat says:

    So – wait a second? Did you read the description? Up to now I liked the articles on the page, but this one is odd.

    Bigger ball bearings for better efficiency?
    Rearranged bearings to protect thinner webbing (like some complained on the first one)
    The screw is not only for safety but also for convenience. Some people accidently hooked the hangover into the line while doing tricks on highlines (especially chest bounces)

    The rating is a benefit, not the reason why it’s more expensive.
    The reason why it is more expensive is because of the strong swiss franc. (1€ ~ 1CHF)

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